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As you all know after my fathers death I considered selling the 
campground.  I enjoyed meeting many wonderful people who were 
interested.  For those of you who met my dad Big Earl you know he had 
a very special way of doing things and treating people like old 
friends even if it was the first time he had ever met them.  While I 
know no one else can fill his shoes I also know that there is no one 
else on earth more like him than me, after all I am his only daughter 
and he was not only my dad but my hero and best friend.  So after much 
soul searching I have decided to "stay till the bell rings" as daddy 
would say!  I hope you will all support this decision and sincerely 
would enjoy it if you came back to stay at the place that makes you 
feel like home, Big Earl's.  I would like to say thank you from the 
bottom of my heart to those of you who asked me to stay, your 
encouragement was a huge part of my decision.  For those of you who 
have never stayed with us before we offer a fun filled yet family 
friendly environment where your enjoyment is our business. After all 
friends, fun and food are what this is all about and  who could give 
that up.  We now offer cookouts every Saturday weather permitting.  I 
look forward to hearing from all of you.  Thanks again for your 
support during this very sad time. Now back to business and let the 
fun begin just like Daddy would want!

Please call for information at  304 549 0040.


Hannah Ball



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