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This campground was established in May 2003 and named for my father “Big Earl” Ball. Sadly, he passed away February 11, 2007, after a bravely fought battle with heart disease. To all who visited with us since the campground opened, we would like to extend our thanks. If you ever met Big Earl, shared a story with him around the campfire, or enjoyed one of his home-cooked meals, we feel sure you will not forget him. He cared for and appreciated you all. Nothing made him happier than making others have a good time. Please help us keep his memory alive by returning to share a story with us---or feel free to call. Again, thank you all for your kind words in our time of sorrow and for the friendship you have shown to our family over the years.

   The campground is still open for business and being run by Hannah Ball, (Big Earl and the campground owner, Rebecca Ball’s daughter). For questions, comments, or stories, call Hannah at (304) 369-1290 or (304) 756-4189.

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